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If the 2016 Nissan Navara ST-X marks unique territory on high-end dual-cab 4x4 ute landscape, it’s not, despite television advert suggestion, its capability to negotiate the innards of a runaway metal pipe. Instead, this reinvented Navara’s headline change is the adoption of multi-link, coil-sprung rear suspension unique in the rugged, load-lugging utility set, an attempt at achieving properly car-like ride comfort at an architectural level, if at the mercy of scrutiny over the suspension type’s tough truck suitability. While its suspension may set ute-o-phile tongues waging, there’s more to the Navara ST-X’s grander pitch to well-healed ute buyers. It also promises rich and unique specification to compliment on-road comfort, segment-smashing fuel economy, highly competitive towing and payload-hauling abilities and, well, that daisy-like freshness of things all new. To many eyes, it’s quite the looker, too.

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Brand : NISSAN

Category : SUV

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As a complete package, it promises to shine across the board no matter where you look, as you might well expect as its handsome 180 Million UGX (plus on-roads) base price – including a $3500 premium for the seven-speed automatic transmission – sitting at the richer end of the flagship diesel all-wheel-driven ute segment.

This particular example had its mettle thoroughly tested in our recent mega-test against seven of ute-dom’s finest, which you’ll find here. This NP300 generation Navara range has been through the CarAdvice wringer numerous other times since its June launch, a solid eight-from-ten performer in review, though the top-shelf ST-X Dual Cab did get beaten – just – by segment-leading stalwart, VW’s Amarok, in a recent twin-test, where the Navara scored a commendable seven-point-five.

Additional Information

Color White

Engine Size 3 V6

Fuel Type Diesel

Make Year 2016

Model/Version ST-X

Steering Right

Transmission 7 Speed Automatic

milleage 105000

Seats 5

Doors 4

Drive 4 X 4

Registration Year 2017

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